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Platform Policies

Last updated: February 23, 2024

Message Sending Limits:

Users can send unlimited messages but are limited to sending only 2 messages to the same recipient within a 72-hour period. Any attempt to send a third message to the same recipient within the specified timeframe will result in the message being marked with the text "Recipient Limit."

Message Review and Approval:

All anonymous SMS messages will undergo manual review before being sent to the recipient. Messages that contain threats, insults, unfounded claims, or cause fear and panic will be rejected and not sent to the recipient. Approved messages will be sent to the recipient and marked as "Approved" on the Forum.

Forum Messages:

Users can choose to send messages directly to the Forum, where they will be publicly displayed. Messages sent directly to the Forum are automatically approved for display.

Duplicate Message Detection:

Each sender can send unlimited messages, but only up to 2 messages can be sent to the same person within a 72-hour period.

The platform will detect and mark messages that are duplicates to prevent spamming and unnecessary repetition.

Profanity and Sensitive Words:

Profane, insulting, threatening, or sensitive words will be hashed for anonymity. Hashed words will be displayed in red on the Forum, and users can click to display the full word if they wish.

User Conduct and Content Guidelines:

Users are prohibited from sending messages that violate local laws or regulations, promote hate speech, discrimination, or harassment. Messages must respect the privacy and dignity of others and refrain from containing malicious or harmful content. Users are encouraged to engage in constructive and respectful communication.

Reporting System and Content Moderation:

Users can report messages that violate platform policies or appear suspicious. Reported messages will be reviewed promptly by moderators, and appropriate action will be taken, including message removal, user suspension, or termination.

Data Privacy and Security: is committed to protecting user privacy and will handle all personal data in accordance with privacy laws and regulations. No personal information will be disclosed in anonymous messages or on the Forum without explicit consent.

Moderation and Enforcement: reserves the right to moderate content and enforce platform policies to maintain a safe and respectful environment. Users who repeatedly violate platform policies may face account sanctions, including suspension or termination.

Policy Updates and Notifications: reserves the right to update platform policies as needed to adapt to changing circumstances or legal requirements. Users will be notified of any policy changes through the platform or via email.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for the content of messages sent by users and does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or legality of any message. Users are solely responsible for the content they send and any consequences that may arise from their messages. By using, users agree to adhere to these comprehensive platform policies. Failure to comply may result in account sanctions or termination.